Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about ILL

What are interlibrary loans (ILL) and where do the materials come from?

ILL is a resource sharing service provided by academic and public libraries. Materials are available from nearly all libraries in the U.S. and Canada. Please note that materials from the CUNY libraries must be ordered through the CLICS service in the CUNY-wide catalog, CUNY+. Unlike CLICS books, ILL books must be returned to Hunter Main, or the two branch libraries.

What is ILLiad?

Hunter College Library uses ILLiad software to submit, track, and manage interlibrary loan (ILL) requests for items not available at CUNY libraries. ILLiad notifies you by e-mail when your requests arrive and links you directly to chapters and articles delivered in PDF format. ILLiad also allows you to track and renew requests online from on or off-campus.

How do I know when my ILL request has arrived?

ILLiad emails you when your item arrives. You may also log in to check the status of your requests. Non-electronic items are held for you to pick-up at the Hunter College Library Circulation Desk. Articles and books chapters are delivered in PDF format; follow instructions on your ILL email notification to login to your ILLiad account and download or print your PDF file. Update your email address in your ILLiad account as necessary.

Who can Use Hunter College Libraries Interlibrary Loan?

ILL is offered to all Hunter College Library patrons with a Hunter email account. A person with a non-Hunter CUNY email account must use the ILLiad ILL service at their home campus.

How do I get the quickest ILL turnaround?

To speed your ILL loan request, include the OCLC accession number in the request form. The OCLC accession number is located near the bottom of the bibliographic record in the WorldCat Database.

To speed your article requests, include the ISSN number (if known). The ISSN number is also available in WorldCat and can be found near the center of the bibliographic record.

What can I request using ILL and CUNY+?

Order any journal article unavailable at Hunter College Llibraries through ILL. Request books, articles, videos, and microfilm not available at the Hunter College libraries (on reserve, checked out, not on shelves) through the CUNY+ libraries new CLICS service. If a book is checked out, on reserve, not on the shelves, or unlisted in CUNY+, order it through ILL. (If an item you want is owned by a CUNY library but checked out to another borrower, you may also "request" it through CUNY+. The current CUNY borrower will receive a notice to return the item within 10 days after the initial loan period expires.

How do I create an ILLiad account?

You must first have a Hunter College photo ID and register for CUNY borrowing privileges at the Hunter College Library Circulation Desk. Then logon to ILLiad with your Hunter email username & password and register for an account. This allows secure access to your interlibrary loan record. Library staff will not know your password; it is stored by the department of Instructional Computing and Information Technology (ICIT). If you forget your password or have questions about establishing a Hunter email account, see the ICIT webpage, or call
Student Helpdesk: 212-650-3624; or Faculty Helpdesk: 212-772-4357

How long does Interlibrary Loan take?

ILL books generally average a week turn-around from a metro area library and longer from libraries outside the metro area; most electronically-delivered articles take serveral days. Login to ILLiad to track the progress of your requests. Contact ILL at (212) 772-4192, or, if your request takes longer than expected.

What security precautions should I take using ILLiad?

With any online function, Web browsers cache information and create a history file on the local workstation. This allows a subsequent user of the workstation to access the system under your name using the browser's Back button to recall a page from the cache, or by finding a page with your personal information in the browser's history file. Use the ILLiad Exit button to prevent others from viewing your record. Always exit from a Web browser before leaving a public workstation. This prevents others from using the Back button to get to the pages you were using. The History view buttons have been removed from Library workstations to discourage others from viewing that cache.

How do I renew ILL items?

Renewals are granted at the discretion of the owning library. You may request to renew material for up to 28 days, beginning 10 days before and up to 10 days after the due date. To request a renewal, logon to your ILLiad account and under "View", select "Checked Out Items." Choose the "Transaction Number" then click the "Request Renewal Button". Enter the desired due date in mm/dd/yy format. You will be notified by email within several days if the renewal was approved or denied. If denied, the material must be returned by the original due date..

How long are PDF files available on the ILLiad server?

Most journal article and book chapters are delivered to you in electronic PDF format (Adobe's Portable Document Format). Download Acrobat Reader free from Adobe Systems, Inc. if you don't already have it in order to read and print these files. You will receive an email when your ILL request is available, generally within 2-4 days of your request. The email instructs you to link to the PDF version of your request through your ILLiad account. Just log in at and click on View/Electronically Received Articles on the left side of the screen. Click on the TN to see the pages. They will be available for 30 days only. If you want to delete them sooner you can, but if you change your mind and want to see them again, they can also be restored if less than 30 days have passed since they arrived.

How many ILL requests may I make?

Hunter College undergraduate students may have 5 ILL requests active at any time, including books currently in your possession as well as other books and articles in process. Once an article or book chapter is delivered to you in PDF format, it doesn't count against the item limit. Hunter College faculty and graduate students may have an unlimited number of requests active at any time. These limits apply only to requestors in good standing.

How do I check the status of my request?

Log in to your ILLiad account. Your "Outstanding Requests" are listed on the first screen after you logon, and the box to the right gives you their status. "Request Sent" means that the item is in process at another library. "Awaiting Processing" means that the request is being processed in the Hunter ILL Office. "Item Received" means that the loan is waiting for you at the Circulation Desk on the ILL shelf.

Articles already received electronically are NOT listed in the "Outstanding Requests" section. To see your articles, go to the "View" section to the left and click "Electronically Received Articles."

Who do I contact if I have questions about ILL?

System Problems or Interlibrary Loan Questions: Interlibrary Loan office Email:

Where are ILL Books returned?

ILL books, unlike CLICS books, must be returned to Hunter Main or the two branch libraries. This is required in order for them to be considered returned in ILLiad. Patrons are responsible for returning ILL books to Hunter College.

Will ILL cost anything?

Hunter College does not charge requesting patrons for interlibrary loans, unless items are lost or damaged. Once an overdue has exceeded six weeks, your library account may be billed for the cost of the replacement.

Why am I not receiving ILLiad email?

We recommend that you use your Hunter College email account to receive ILL email notices. Non-Hunter College email accounts might block our ILLiad-generated emails to you, preventing you from receiving notices about ILL books and articles. Update your email address yourself in your ILLiad account.

How do I cancel an ILLiad request?

Once logged in to your account, go to Outstanding Requests, and click the "transaction" number, then click the red "Cancel Request" at the top of the screen.